The Green Pill Inquiry is in start up mode and could go in many directions.  This work could help develop new ways of thinking and communicating about the shift and specific campaigns.  Get on the ground floor.

At moment, we have several openings for unpaid internships that involve:

  • Outreach/social marketing
  • Workshop development
  • Messaging
  • Grant writing

My vision is for internships to be paid for in the future, but that is not the current reality.  On the other hand, the work is more open and creative at this early stage.

We are looking for people whose life purpose will be served by working on the Shift and who have:

  • Strong ties to people of color communities.  Or at least a working understanding of ecological and climate justice.
  • Strong research, writing, brainstorming skills
  • Enthusiastic attitude
  • Graphic design, video editing are a plus
  • Ability to hold multiple perspectives
  • Knowledge of pop culture, art, nature, and/or history
  • Ability to work at home, be self starter.  Meet or call in at least once per week
  • Work independently – ability to let me know when you don’t have enough work or are stuck

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